Thursday, September 12, 2013


It's back to September
time for back to school
back to cooler weather.

I'm going back to old ways of thinking
old ways of living
always trying to get back to the basics.

I know my body is facing forward
but I'm always going back to something.

A month ago I went back to Colorado
the place where I was born
long ago I had said I would never go back.

I keep thinking about what went wrong
trying to figure out a solution to our problems
but I just keep coming back to the same old things.

I love the feel of your fingers running up and down my back
but I just wish everyone would be up front
about what happened and how they feel.

Sometimes we have to make difficult decisions
and we move forward with our lives
even when we are headed into the dark
but I'm crossing my fingers
hoping we all turn out okay.

We keep flipping calendar pages
hurtling forward in time
but somehow we keep coming back to something.

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