Monday, October 31, 2011

Spooktacular Halloween edition

One of my favorite things about Halloween is the frequent usage of the word “Spooktacular.” I don’t know why I have such a fondness for this word, I just do. And for that reason, I offer you this Halloween edition of the blog, dedicated to things that are Spooktacular. (Say it again, like you are a contestant on the $10,000 Pyramid game show: Things that are Spooktacular.)
  • Halloween savings: If you are a business, selling absolutely anything and also offering a sale at any time within 6 weeks of Halloween, you should definitely say that the savings are Spooktacular. Personally, I would be tempted to buy your product if I knew I was getting Spooktacular savings.
  • The hairballs in my bathroom: I wanted to take a photo of them for you but they’ve gotten so repulsively bad that I kept gagging and the movement blurred my photo. I’m not sure where vacuuming up hairballs falls in the division of labor at our house. I should think about that.
  • My lunch today: Chips and salsa and mini candy bars. Maybe that’s not technically Spooktacular, but just gross (also, possibly verging on jejune). But I think if it’s Halloween, it’s Spooktacular.
  • This decoration, one of my personal favorites, purchased at Walgreens in 1996 and well worth the $2.99 I probably paid for it:
Oh no! A ghost in danger of asphyxiation by
candy corn. But wait, he's a ghost, he's already
dead. Damn, that's a clever decoration.
  • This blog post: Technically, perhaps just stupid, but Spooktacularly stupid.
Enjoy your Halloween! Hope it’s Spooktacluar.

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