Friday, March 18, 2011

me me me so dumbfounded by the unadulterated sucky-ness of this song

World news got you down? Still feeling the pinch of the recent economic downturn? Attic overrun by raccoons? Well, despair no more for I have got the cure for your blues. Do you know what today is? It’s Friday! Yes, dear readers, today is that special day of the week when we can all let our hair down and celebrate, ‘cause now we are going to party! Still not convinced? I think what you need is a little Rebecca Black singing about Friday to get you in the mood. And if you don’t stop to watch this high quality music video, there’s really no point in reading further.

You so excited yet? I hope so. Now, I understand if you couldn’t really make it through the whole video because, yes, you are correct and that is truly the most horrifying piece of music ever recorded. Until, of course, we find the next most horrifying piece of music and I have a feeling that discovery could be just around the corner. But for now, let’s just go with Rebecca’s little ditty as number one musical mega-wreck. It did have one redeeming quality, I thought. For the individual who needs a little practice memorizing the days of the week, particular the latter half of it, Becky’s barf-tacular tune might be just the thing you are looking for: Thursday was Thursday (no duh) and to-day it is Friday, tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterward. Yes! That's excellent!

Ok, so maybe Rebecca Black just isn’t your cup of tea. Maybe her pop song is just a little too… poppy for you (that’s poppy, not poopy, although arguably, it could be deemed poopy, as well). Do you prefer music that is just a little more subdued, a little more soulful? Something that sounds like it’s really from the heart and not just something my dog could have written? Well then, again, I have just what you are looking for! How about the brilliant lyrics of “Friday” as sung by Bob Dylan? Huh? Does it get any better than that? Does it? I think not.

However you are partyin’, partyin’ this weekend, you have my sincerest wish that it is something you really enjoy, something that renews your spirit. Don’t worry about which seat you take, kickin’ in the front seat or sittin’ in the back seat. Just relax and have fun! Fun. Fun. Fun.

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